Don’t Pinch Pennies on Your South Carolina Hotel Construction

4 Things That Could Cost You on Your South Carolina Hotel Construction

As a business owner, you know that it’s vital to keep your profit margin in mind whenever you start work on a new construction project. You may even be tempted to cut corners in creative ways just to make sure that you stay well within your budget. But you may want to reconsider as it could cost you more in the long run especially in hotel construction.

Pinching pennies in every area of your hotel construction isn’t a good idea but some areas it will hurt you more than others. When it comes to planning and financing your new hotel construction project, there are several places where you should definitely not skimp.

  1. The Roof

You might think that because patrons won’t see the roof, that it’s okay to use the least expensive materials available. And really, how many times do people look up there anyway? Maybe when they first drive up, but other than that it is forgot about. Maybe you’re thinking “what you don’t see can’t hurt you.” That sort of reasoning can lead to a lot of trouble down the line.

South Carolina New Hotel Construction Exterior with Roof view.

Roof damage develops gradually. Just because the roof seems to be functioning as it should when your new hotel construction is completed doesn’t mean that it will hold up over time.

If the roofing materials used are sub-standard or improperly installed, water can accumulate, seep through, and eventually cause damage to the inside of your new hotel construction. And if even you don’t experience premature wearing of the material, you could end up with higher heating and cooling costs if you use cheap materials.

It’s better to invest in high-quality roofing materials up front than to pinch pennies and regret your decision later.

  1. Floor Coverings

Floor coverings is another area where it’s important to invest some money upfront instead of taking the cheap way out.

It would be fairly easy to find inexpensive and attractive floor coverings for your new South Carolina hotel construction. But appearance is not the only consideration. The floor coverings that you purchase need to be more than just attractive; they must be durable, too. With the wrong materials selected the will show age and wear early than expected from all the foot traffic. And then your inexpensive and attractive floor coverings will need to be replaced. And at that point you will have learned your lesson and purchase a higher quality floor. So it’s almost like you end up paying twice. So the best way to prevent this is when you are planning your new hotel construction.

That means the commercial floor coverings you select should be made from high-quality material that can endure years of repeated use. While we all know that higher-quality products will cost a bit more than the basic options do, it will be worth it in the end.explanation of layers of high quality floor installation contractors of MEP Painting & Wallcoverings

Again, you need to think long-term when planning your hotel construction project. If you try to cut corners by purchasing inexpensive floor coverings, then you’ll end up having to replace them sooner rather than later. By purchasing better materials upfront, you’ll end up saving money!

  1. Paint

You should also resist the temptation to scrimp when it comes time to make paint selections for your new hotel construction. When you use cheap paint on your walls, it doesn’t go on as smoothly or evenly as higher-quality paint does. It often doesn’t cover as well, and better paints often have more and higher quality color selection.

With the lower-quality paint, hotel patrons are more likely to see differences in the thickness of the paint along with noticeable variance in the coverage leaving old paint colors to show through. Often lower quality paints will fade over time with less brilliant color. Better-quality paint also lasts longer than its inexpensive counterpart. It’s just overall a better looking product and more durable.

If you want the painted areas of your hotel construction to be aesthetically pleasing and durable (and of course you do!), then be sure to invest in high-quality paint. MEP Painting & Wallcoverings commercial painting services and decorating consultants can help you with your choices and color selection. They service hotel renovations and new hotel construction in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. So they really know their stuff. Most paint manufacturers provide a range of pricing and quality options. Let MEP help you determine the best fit for your project.

  1. Labor

Another area where you should not cut corners is the commercial contractors that you work with. It might be tempting to hire the company that submits the lowest bid, but you could end up regretting this choice. Remember that the Value that you get is more important than a few dollars saved.

MEP Painting expert construction contractors installing mural wallpaper

If you hire a company that uses untrained or poorly trained workers, you’ll likely end up with sub-par work all over your new South Carolina hotel construction. Mistakes in the initial building process can lead to some very expensive repairs in just a few years’ time.

When it comes to labor, you need to look for the most qualified team. The commercial contractors you hire should have the skills and experience needed to get the job done right the first time. It is a good idea to check references to see how they have worked with other hotel companies. And check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see how the contractors are rated. If you’ve checked these sources and you feel comfortable with them then you are probably in good shape.

Smart Investing Leads to Savings in Commercial Hotel Construction Projects

It may seem counter-intuitive, but increasing the initial investment in your new South Carolina hotel construction can actually end up saving you money in the long run. If you want your hotel construction to be built to a superior standard, make sure to use high-quality materials and labor in the places it matters the most.