10 Popular Paint Colors for Walls in Hotel Renovation Projects

When you’re about to begin hotel renovation projects, one of the biggest areas of concern is paint colors for walls of the space you want to use. There are millions of colors and shades to choose from, so how can you possibly choose? Each space should invoke the right feelings for why people would be staying there. Here are the top ten pain colors for walls, in no particular order.

ladder and drop cloth in hotel renovation projects with white paint colors for wallsBest Paint Colors for Walls of Hotel Rooms

1 – The most popular paint color for walls of hotel rooms is probably white, depending on where you look. This is because it is easy to repair, keep clean, and touch up as necessary. The room always looks modern and clean in white, making it ideal for hotel rooms.

2 – Pale blue shades are also great for hotel renovation projects. They allow for deeper relaxation when used properly. You simply have to make sure to include some light colors as well to avoid any feelings of sadness in those who stay in the rooms.

3 – Green shades are great paint colors for walls. They invoke feelings of rest and energy. They also allow the people in the room to feel a bit closer to nature. This is a very relaxing color to put on the walls of most hotel rooms.

4 – Yellow is another great shade to use in different parts of a hotel room. However, it should not be the main color if it is bright. Pale yellow can be relaxing, but bright yellow could make it hard for people to sleep since it wakes people up! Using it as an accent color, though, is totally within the rules!

5 – While most hotel renovation projects would not lend themselves to it, pink is a very comforting color. If it is used in paler shades, it can lend to an increased feeling of security and comfort during a guest’s stay.

6 – If you want your guests to feel as though the hotel room is more luxurious, you may want to opt for purple. In this instance, the darker the shade, the better. People associate purple with royalty, especially when you are able to add in metallic accents.

use of bright colors for walls in hotel renovation projects7 – Neutral colors, such as off-white, grey, and shades of beige are considered colors that balance out rooms. They provide a more stable feeling to the room, and lend themselves to bright accent furniture and lighting.

8 – Dark grey is a color most would look past when it comes to a sleeping space, but it can lend itself to peaceful sleep with the right accents. It helps the room darken, and it gives a deeper sense of calm to many rooms.

9 – Peach is another option if you are performing hotel renovation projects near a beach. This brings the feeling of the outdoors, inside. It promotes a feeling of relaxation like one would feel while on vacation!

10 – If vintage is the feeling you are trying to create, then you want to go with a light grassy palate of colors. This can include light orange, light green, light yellow, or even pale brown. This gives the room a more classic feel instantly.

Remember that pastel colors are not nearly as in as they were just a few short years ago. Now, you will more likely see intense shades in hotel renovation projects. If you want help picking out the paint colors for walls of your next commercial project, contact us here at MEP Painting & Wallcoverings Inc.