Building an Assisted Living Facility: What Are the Best Designs?

When you decide to take on the task of building an assisted living facility, you need to know what design options you have available. Do you want to build everything on one level, or is multi-level a better option? If you have more than one level, how do you break up what happens on each level? There are many assisted living building designs out there, so you need to make sure you pick the one that will best suit the clients you plan to serve.

assisted living building designs create relaxation areas when building an assisted living facilityThe Clients Need to Be the Most Important Focus When Building an Assisted Living Facility

Before you can review any of the assisted living building designs out there, you need to first narrow down the type of clients you want to serve. If you are going to only have hospice patients in your facility, it needs a different design than one that caters to able-bodied retirees who want the convenience of living in a facility that takes care of the little details for them. Once you decide on the target client, you can then start figuring out which design to go with.

You Need to Include Convenience Standards on Top of Codes

Every state has different codes when it comes to building an assisted living facility. Those need to be a priority and focus when building the facility. However, you also need to consider some conveniences that older clients are going to need. Think about elevators, walk-in tubs and showers, medical alerts, and safety rails. These are going to be necessary to keep the seniors safe. You also need to make sure you include things like safe flooring options, proper lighting, and wider than normal walkways. You may have hospital beds being pushed around, so this needs consideration as well.

Choose Assisted Living Building Designs That Give the Feeling of Home

assisted living building designs aim to create homey environmentNot all seniors go into assisted living because it is what they want to do. For some, it is what they need to live a safe, happy life. The best thing you can do for those residents is to give them as close to a homey feeling as possible. Be sure to look at assisted living building designs specifically with that in mind. They need privacy, as well as some common areas that look like a living room or family room. Plus, they need space to enjoy the company of others.

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