5 Reasons for Your Virginia Hotel Remodel

As a Virginia hotel owner, you understand that a hotel remodel is an expected cost of doing business. You have to keep your establishment clean, stylish, and up-to-date if you want to remain competitive and stay solvent.

But competition and profit aren’t the only motives for hotel refurbishment. There are actually quite a few lesser-known reasons why regular hotel remodeling makes sense.

  1. You Can Change Your Brand Image During a Hotel Remodel

Going through a hotel refurbishment is the perfect opportunity to make changes to your brand image. If your hotel was once known for being a down-home folksy kind of place that retirees enjoy but you want to become more modern to appeal to millennials, now’s the time to do it.

You can make all sorts of changes to redefine your brand during a hotel remodel – revamp your logo, room layout, commercial wallcoverings & floor coverings, amenities, signage, etc. You can redefine your brand and reach an entirely new demographic by making a few select changes during your hotel refurbishment.

  1. Hotel Remodeling is an Opportunity to Upgrade Your Tech

Unless you’re selling a “cabin in the woods” experience, most travelers are going to expect your Virginia hotel to offer the latest in technology. That means high-quality wi-fi, up-to-date TVs, and bedside charging stations.

But why stop there? If you want to set yourself apart, you can use your hotel refurbishment as a chance to offer emerging technology as part of your services. For example, you might consider creating an app for streamlined check-ins and digital keys. An app could also allow guests to order room service or book a meeting room – how convenient! You probably wont need to your own IT department but and initial consultation with an IT company such as our friends at EvolvingOffice could prove helpful.upgrading IT to customer app during hotel remodel and refurbishment

  1. Improve Guest Experience through a Hotel Refurbishment

Remodeling your Virginia hotel provides a great opportunity to make changes that will ultimately benefit your customers. Have patrons complained that there isn’t enough meeting space or they’d like additional seating in guest rooms? Now’s your chance to evaluate visitors’ needs and consider what improvements will bring the greatest return on investment.

Sometimes your customers will share their thoughts if they have a significant complaint about a bad experience. But often customers just leave unsatisfied without letting you know what you could do to improve their hotel stay experience. So why not have them complete a survey?

Yes, we know, you don’t want to inconvenience them – they won’t want to take the time. Then why not make it worth their time? Perhaps you could offer a coupon on a future return visit in exchange for a completed survey. Better yet, why not include the survey on your new hotel app that provides them with the coupon once the survey is submitted. And then by clicking on the coupon it takes them directly to booking their next stay with the coupon included. If you need help with surveys, incorporating an app, or any other marketing needs for your hotel, reach out to our friends at AdModum Marketing.

  1. Reset Your Ratings after a Hotel Remodel

hotel remodel can reset your customer star rating

This option isn’t widely publicized, but it is possible to have your ratings reset on Trip Advisor after your hotel refurbishment. You might consider doing this if your establishment received a number of negative reviews in recent years because it was overdue for an update.

If you prefer not to have all prior reviews deleted, you can simply start a campaign post-hotel remodel asking for visitors to rate you well if they enjoyed their stay. The new reviews will help make the public aware that you’ve undergone renovations and will work to increase your average rating.

  1. You Can Become a Trend-Setter Through Hotel Refurbishment

If you’re really looking to distance yourself from the competition, one of the best ways is to become an innovator. Instead of lagging behind and following trends, think about ways you can lead the pack. For example, you could integrate voice technology in your guest rooms or become known as an eco-friendly hotel.

Also consider every step and action your guest must take when visiting your hotel. Is there something you can do to make their life easier? You are more likely to build loyalty and customer satisfaction when you start thinking like a customer.

Hotel Remodeling = Adding Value

Through hotel refurbishment, you have the opportunity to redefine your brand, upgrade your tech, improve customer satisfaction, increase your ratings, and become a leader in your field. But when you boil all these reasons down to their essence, the point is this: making renovations is all about adding value to your Virginia hotel. The changes you make are an investment in the future of your biggest asset – your business.

Where to get help with hotel remodel?

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