5 Budget-Friendly Office Renovation Tips

Having an inviting and functional office is very important. How your office looks can say a lot to the clientele who walk through your door. When it is time to start renovating office space that you use, you need to make sure you get the most for your money. Here are some office renovation tips that can make your office something special that invites new customers through the doors.

two office managers reviewing office renovation tips in high-rise office buildingConsider the Space Before Starting the Renovation

Many people go into an office renovation trying to simply use what is in front of them. However, this can drive the costs up. If you were to look at your office space differently, it could actually save you money. Would your office be workable if the space was open with select walls where necessary? This means lower costs for walls, wall coverings, and paint. Plus, since you will have fewer walls, that allows you to pick higher-end wall coverings and paint to make the walls you do have stand out even more. Look at your space as a blank canvas before starting. It could save you a lot of money down the line.

Go with Materials That Complement the Area

Office renovation tips often overlooked are the complimentary offices and buildings. When renovating an office, you need to look at the area that surrounds the office building. If you are in a rural area and use only high-end, modern, urban pieces in your office, it will seem out of place. Renovating office space includes factoring in the environment surrounding your office, not you’re your office alone. Consider materials and looks that enhance where the office is. Then you can make the material choices that are within budget and will give your office the right look.

Pick Materials That Are Cost Effective to Start

When renovating office space that you occupy, you need to make sure that you consider the use of the materials you pick. Are the materials going to be friendly for the type of functions and specific purposes your office will perform? If not, then keep looking. Just like when you are doing a kitchen renovation, you have tons of options. The more you look around, the more likely you are to pick materials that will be ideal for your renovated office space.

Consider the Point of Renovating Office Space

executives review office renovation tips prior to renovating office spaceOne way of saving money when renovating office space is to really look at what you need to renovate. Are you just looking for an overall improvement on your space, or do you have a specific need? If you are renovating to meet a specific need, then only renovate that. Instead of doing one mass renovation for an increased need for storage; for example, renovate the areas where you can add more storage instead.

However sometimes trying to skimp on renovations can cost you more in the long run. It’s not unusual for office managers to attempt to renovate a portion of an office, only to then be dissatisfied with how the rest of the office looks and is functioning – or not! Then they wish they had considered a mass renovation from the start. So keep in mind the purpose and what you are trying to accomplish.

Reuse Any Existing Items Instead of Buying New

One of the easiest office renovation tips used to save money is to reuse what you can. Do you have desks that you can spruce up and use again? It is much less expensive to update an existing piece of furniture for the cost of paint and some labor than to go out and buy an entire new series of desks. Reuse what you can from the existing office, so you can use the rest of your budget to buy what you actually need to buy.

Final Office Renovation Tips: Go with a Great Contractor!

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