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dental office remodeling planning drawing

Things to Include in Your Dental Office Remodeling

Determining the best upgrades to make during your dental office remodeling can be tough. Depending on the age of your office, your wish list could be pretty long; you want to change out the office wall covering, buy new furniture for your waiting area, upgrade the receptionist’s desk, install new floor coverings, update your technology, etc.

But as much as you’d like to, you can’t do it all at once. You have to prioritize and decide which upgrades are the most important for your office renovation. If that describes the issue you’re currently facing, don’t worry – help is at hand. Here are the top three changes to make during your dental office remodeling:

  1. Update Your Equipment

If you want to keep your patients happy and remain competitive, you need to invest a decent amount of money into keeping your equipment current. New equipment can refer to pretty much anything you use in your practice, from a panoramic X-ray system or instrument sterilizers to ergonomic patient chairs and binocular office remodeling with new technology tools

Using current technology indicates to patients that you prioritize offering the highest quality of care. With evolving dental technologies comes a new level of patient care and communication. With antiquated equipment, you’re communicating that patients aren’t worth the investment. You may not intend to convey this message, but this is often how outdated equipment is perceived.

If that’s not enough motivation for you to keep your equipment up-to-date, try this on for size: dental offices that embrace new technology do better financially than those with older equipment. It’s true – even during economic downturns, those who invest in their equipment thrive compared to practices that are reluctant to upgrade.

  1. Add Space during Dental Office Remodeling

Another one of your top priorities when undergoing dental office remodeling should be adding space whenever possible. This is especially true if you’re in an older office that hasn’t been updated in the past 20 years or more.

Not having enough space is a big concern because patients could find it difficult to navigate narrow hallways, tight spaces in the waiting area, and cramped quarters in treatment rooms. Areas need to be easy to access and move around in, especially for patients with limited mobility issues.

A good office renovation contractor like MEP Painting & Wallcoverings Inc. can offer suggestions and creative ideas for arrangement and space organization.

Ideally, you should end up with treatment rooms that have two access points and measure 9 feet by 11.5 feet. If it’s not possible to include multiple doors into each treatment room, then the size of the room should be slightly larger – around 9 feet by 12 feet. As for aisles, they should be around 48 inches wide.

  1. Upgrade Your Waiting Area

dental office remodeling new waiting area with plants and fireplaceYour waiting area is the first part of your practice that patients encounter – it’s imperative to make a good impression! That’s why you need to reserve some of your dental office remodeling funds for the waiting room.

But the good news is that updates to the waiting area tend to be less expensive than other remodeling options, such as layout changes and equipment upgrades. In the waiting area, a little bit of change goes a long way.

For example, you can update your office wall covering, which can create a whole new atmosphere. This is especially true is you use the office wall covering to liven up the space with a pop of color. Some of the best colors for dental offices are blue and green hues because they’re relaxing and soothing.

In addition to serenely colored office wall covering, there are several other ways to make the waiting area more inviting. You could trade your hard-backed functional chairs for something a big softer and more comfortable.

Another relaxing addition is to place plants around the waiting area. Studies have shown that plants have a calming effect on nervous patients. If you’d rather not take care of live plants, you could simply include pictures of nature, which have the same soothing effect.

Prioritize and Stay Relevant with Dental Office Remodeling

Dental office remodeling is a necessity if you want to keep your business growing. But it’s important to focus on the upgrades that will bring you the highest return on investment. By updating your equipment, adding more space, and freshening up your waiting area, you can better appeal to your patients and remain competitive.

MEP Painting & Wallcoverings Inc. are office renovation contractors that provide virtually every kind of service you will need. Their extensive experience, honest, dependable, and professional approach means they are ideal for your dental office remodeling project. To reach our professional office renovation company call Mr. Mefi Franco, MEP President, at 336-215-0284 or complete the contact us form.

upgrade rental property on a budget with fresh painting on coffee table

How to Upgrade Your Rental Property on a Budget

Property maintenance and upkeep do not come easy or cheap. It can cause indeterminable stress and eat into your revenue, and sometimes make you wish you were not a property owner.

Luckily, there are affordable and easy ways to upgrade your property and increase your rental cash flow as well.

Thinking about updating your rental property? If so, here are 9 budget-friendly tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Add a backsplash

A quaint backsplash can add value to your properties. They add flair and personality to any kitchen-remodeling project without invasive changes. Be careful when choosing a backsplash, though. Some can date your property.

You can match some colors of the countertop to make a backsplash that compliments it. Alternatively, you can choose a backsplash that is a seamless extension of the countertop.

Tip 2: Consider tile-effect paneling.

Tile paneling can quickly spruce up a dated bathroom. Tile panels are made from acrylic, are easy to fit and offer hassle-free application.

In addition, cleaning them is easy and will not go moldy or discolor like typical grout and silicone.

Tip 3: Install wood flooring

Choosing a carpet for a rental property is a rookie mistake. Aside from requiring replacement every five years or so, carpets get stains and look dingy after minimal wear. So carpet is never a good option.

Wood flooring, on the other hand, is a good option. Not only does it last longer, but it can also be ordered with a variety of finishes i.e. oiled, varnished, waxed or aged finish.

Many people think that wood flooring is expensive. On the contrary, if you do your shopping right, it’s possible to get one for about the same cost as an expensive carpet.

Tip 4: Replace cabinet doors.replace cabinet doors for rental property upgrade on a budget


Most people consider replacing worn-out cabinets entirely. This is often an expensive option. If you have worn-out cabinet doors, replace them with high quality, solid wood doors. Then paint them.

Tip 5: Replace doors.

Doors tend to get damaged at rental properties. Many landlords choose to either use touch-up paint to cover the damage up or simply ignore it. New doors, however, help improve the visual appeal of your rental property. After all, they are the first thing prospective tenants will see.

Luckily, replacing doors isn’t expensive. You can get a good piece at your local hardware store for about $80.

Tip 6: Upcycle the furniture.recover furniture in rental property upgrades on a budget

Buying new chairs, a dining table and a new sofa can be costly. So, consider upcycling them. Buy new covers and cushions instead. You could also easily spruce up an out of date dining table with a fresh coat of paint.

Tip 7: Add a fresh coat of paint.

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! It can completely refresh your rental property’s appearance. It also offers the highest ROI. You can enjoy an even higher ROI by buying paint in bulk so be sure to check into that before starting your project.

Choosing the right paint color is also important. Steer clear of bright and vibrant hues. Neutral colors work best. Examples of neutral colors include chocolate brown, black, beige, and grey.

Tip 8: Maintain the landscaping

good landscaping for rental property upgradeThe first impression renters get out of your rental property is the landscaping. In fact, done right, landscaping can directly reduce your vacancy rate. So, if you want to attract and keep good quality tenants, take the time to landscape your rental property.

Quality landscaping can create a vibrant display of seasonally balanced planting to maintain a continuous eye stimulus year-round.

Mowing the grass and watering costs time, money and resources. Luckily, there are ways to get more while doing less. You could:

  • Pile on the mulch. There are several mulching options. They include rubber mulch, stone mulch, and bark mulch.
  • Plant appropriate ground covers. The ground covers should accomplish two things: crowd out the weeds and help cut down on lawn maintenance.
  • Trim up the edges. Keep the ground cover plants and the lawn in their place. Avoid erratic edging and complicated bed spacing or shapes.
  • Reduce the size of your lawn. This can save you several hours of work – and expense – over the entire season. You could do this by hardscaping, laying gravel or mulch over landscaping fabric, and adding a large bed filled with shrubs.

Tip 9: Pressure washing your rental property.

Pressure washing a property makes a big difference in how a home looks. People oftentimes will spend boatloads of cash on upgrades but fail to properly clean their property’s exterior. You can choose to hire someone, or you could go the DIY route. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you select the right pressure washer for the job.

There you have it! 9 upgrades to spruce up your rental property on a budget. With an attractive property, you can be sure to draw and keep good tenants in your rental home.

For more help regarding acquiring and upkeep of rental property in the Charlotte, NC area contact our friends at Dawson Property Management.  For assistance with commercial remodeling of a quote reach out to MEP Painting & Wallcoverings Inc. using our contact us form.

Hotel renovation projects with MEP on Hilton Hotel

5 Success Tips for Hotel Renovation Projects

If you’ve been in the hospitality industry for any length of time, you know that hotel renovation projects are an absolute necessity. They’re also a giant pain in the you-know-what. Many hotel owners dread hotel renovation projects because they take a lot of planning, coordination, effort, and resources to conduct successfully.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about your upcoming hotel remodeling, let us provide you with a little help; we present to you five helpful tips to ensure that your hotel renovation projects are a success.

Tip #1 – Planning is Everything in Hotel Renovation Projects!

The most important thing to do when preparing for hotel renovation projects is to create a clear and precise plan. This plan should be as detailed as possible.

One of the most vital pieces of information to include in your plan is when the remodeling will begin and end. Try to schedule renovations so that they’ll cause the least amount of disruption to your guests. When is your low season? That would likely be the best time to schedule hotel renovation projects.

hotel renovation projects blueprints two mep contractors planning hotel renovation costsOf course there’s a lot more to planning than just determining the dates of your project. That’s a great starting point, but you also need to plan things like getting your financing in order, consulting with design professionals, arranging for the proper permits, figuring your overall hotel renovation costs, etc.

If you would like to have some help planning and executing your hotel renovation projects, a great place to turn is to a professional construction project management firm. They can shoulder most of the responsibility, including the planning, freeing you up to run your hotel.

Tip #2 – Define the Scope and Purpose of Your Project

You need to be clear about the scope and purpose of your hotel remodeling. Are you undertaking a major restoration or are you just making a few upgrades to the hotel floor coverings, furniture, and fixtures? Do the lobby or hotel restaurant need a facelift or just the guest rooms?

Before you start work on hotel renovation projects, you should also be clear about what brand image you’re trying to project. Do you want to change from a homey, family-oriented establishment to a hip, upscale hotel? Or are you sticking with the same brand but just freshening it up a bit?

Spend some time thinking about the type of impression you want your hotel to make on visitors. Remodeling offers you the perfect chance to make some changes to your brand. It’s also important to have the scope and purpose of your project mapped out in advance because it directly affects your hotel renovation costs.

Tip #3 – Work with an Experienced Team

Hotel renovation costs may be high, but if you’re looking for places to cut corners, don’t do it by hiring cheap labor. You’ll end up paying for it in the end.Hotel renovation projects include Hilton Garden Inn - MEP contractors

What you need is a team of experienced professionals. Everyone from your project manager and architect to your general contractor and construction workers should be top-notch.

That means you need to spend time thoroughly vetting your team members. Dive into their backgrounds and check their references to make sure that they’ve had plenty of positive experiences working on hotel renovation projects similar to yours.

Tip #4 – Communicate Clearly with Your Team

One of the easiest ways to run up hotel renovation costs is by not communicating with your team. If the hotel wall coverings need to be in by Monday but your contractor has them scheduled to arrive on Friday, this could seriously disrupt workflow, costing days of productivity.

Make sure that communication lines are open and everyone on your team is kept in the loop. Having regular meetings to discuss important issues and keep everything running smoothly will help facilitate better communication and keep hotel renovation projects on track.

Tip #5 – Remain Flexible and Expect the Unexpected

While we would most certainly like for everything to go according to plan, chances are you’re in for a few surprises. Even with the most detailed plan and accomplished team, you need to expect some unexpected issues to arise. You can plan for some of these problems by adding a 5% (or more depending on the size of your project) cushion into your budget, which is called a contingency budget. But you still need to remain flexible and be ready to deal with any unforeseen problems as they pop up.

hotel renovation costs contingency fund for hotel renovation projects infographicWhere to get help with hotel renovation projects?

MEP hotel remodeling and refurbishment services are leading the southeastern United States. For 20 years our client satisfaction exceeds expectations. You will find dependable contractors who insure top quality work. MEP stands for quality, honesty, and dependability. We don’t cut corners like others do, and we often end up repairing or fixing jobs done poorly by others. For hotel renovation projects call the best hotel remodeling company in the southeast, serving Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Call 336-215-0284 or submit the contact us form.

beautiful carpet in commercial property refurbishment in elevator hallway

What’s the Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas in a Commercial Property Refurbishment?

Every business owner knows that durable flooring is an absolute must; whether you’re renovating office space, undergoing a commercial property refurbishment, or planning a few hotel renovation projects, you’re going to need flooring that will withstand a steady stream of traffic.

So what type of flooring should you choose? Here are some of the best options we’ve found for high-traffic areas:

  1. Hardwood for Commercial Property Refurbishment

When it comes to durability and strength, it’s hard to beat hardwood. Hardwood flooring is a great choice for commercial property refurbishment because it can endure a lot of wear and tear while still looking beautiful.

While a popular choice for residential floors, business owners, despite its durability, often underutilized hardwood flooring. That’s because hardwood has a reputation for being difficult to maintain. But with planning and a little regular attention, the durability may out weight maintenance concerns.

commercial property refurbishment of hardwood flooring

You also have to be mindful of where and how the hardwood flooring will be used; if it’s placed in a location that’s too humid, hardwood can buckle or develop gaps between boards. Hardwood can also get nicks and gouges fairly easily if heavy furniture is used on it.

  1. Vinyl flooring options

If you like the look of hardwood, but want an easy maintenance schedule after you’re done renovating office space, vinyl flooring would be a good choice for you. Invented in the 1920s, vinyl floors originally offered superior durability, but little style.

Thankfully, vinyl flooring has come a long way since then. You can now find many stylish vinyl flooring options in a variety of colors, textures, and designs – including vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood!

Vinyl flooring doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as hardwoods do, but you still need to make sure the floor is swept regularly to prevent abrasions caused by dirt and other debris.

Keep in mind that with vinyl flooring, you often get what you pay for. If you decide to purchase cheap vinyl flooring for your commercial property refurbishment, you’ll have to replace it sooner than you would a more expensive option. If you want your vinyl flooring to last, you will need to pay a bit more for quality.

  1. Concrete options for Commercial Property Refurbishment

You might think of concrete as this dull, grey, ugly flooring with absolutely zero style whatsoever, but you’d be wrong. As with vinyl, concrete has seen a lot of advances in recent years, especially where aesthetics are concerned.

finishing beautiful concrete flooring after commercial property refurbishmentIn fact, you can now have concrete poured in various shapes to add a bit of flair to your flooring. You can even have the color of concrete customized while renovating office space, matching it to your brand colors or decor. There are many options including staining, stamping, and epoxy coatings.

And, of course, concrete is extremely durable. You can further enhance its durability by adding a finish to your concrete floor. High-performance finishes also mean that your floor will be less slippery, more resistant to stains, and easier to maintain.

  1. Carpet floor coverings

Probably the most surprising entry on this list, carpet is much more resilient than you might think. Thanks to recent advancements in commercial carpeting, you can now find many sturdy carpeting options. This is especially helpful to those who require high-traffic flooring settings, such as nursing homes and hotels.

One of the biggest complaints business owners have about carpeting is the difficulty in repairing it. Imagine that you have carpeting installed while renovating office space but it gets a large stain on it just a month later. If the stain won’t come out with cleaning, you’ll be stuck with a stained carpet until your next commercial property refurbishment.

This issue has been resolved with the use of caret tiles. And no, carpet tiles are not the same as the samples provided to you by a flooring merchant. These tiles are customizable, simple to install, long lasting, and easy to repair. If your carpet becomes damaged or stained, all you need to do is replace the affected tile instead of cutting a portion and patching it, as you would with traditional roll carpeting.

What’s the Best Flooring Option for Your Commercial Property Refurbishment?

Of course, the best flooring option depends a lot upon the type of business and where the flooring will be used. For example, if you’re buying floor coverings for several hotel renovation projects, you would probably be more interested in carpeting for guest rooms and vinyl flooring for common areas.

And while hardwood would be an excellent choice for a museum, renovating office space in a bank might require flooring that’s stronger and easier to maintain, like concrete. Evaluate how your floors will be used and talk to a reputable flooring dealer before determining the best high-traffic flooring for your commercial property refurbishment.

Who Should You Call for Your Next Commercial Property Refurbishment?

MEP Painting & Wallcoverings, Inc. are contractors that provide virtually every kind of service you will ever need. They are way more than just painters. Their general contractor experience means they can handle all your construction and renovation needs. For the professionals at commercial remodeling call Mr. Mefi Franco, MEP President, at 336-215-0284 or complete the contact us form.

MEP contractors help you calculate your hotel renovation costs per room

How to Calculate Hotel Renovation Costs Per Room

Renovations are an absolute necessity in the hotel business. In order to maintain a positive image and keep customers satisfied, you must regularly upgrade your facilities. This bit of information comes as no surprise to hotel owners – they know that regular renovations are standard practice in this business. However, not knowing the hotel renovation costs per room may be a problem.

Continue reading “How to Calculate Hotel Renovation Costs Per Room”

Restaurant remodeling companies bring positive ROI and happy owners drinking red wine

5 Ways to Ensure Profitability with Restaurant Remodeling Companies

In the ever-changing food service industry, your restaurant must evolve if it’s going to stay relevant and profitable. That’s why restaurant experts recommend regular upgrades to your facility. But not all restaurant remodeling companies are the same, and the danger in making changes is that you might not get the high return on investment (ROI) that you were hoping for. How can you be sure that your restaurant remodel will be worth the investment?

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your restaurant renovations and ensure that they’re cost-effective:

  1. Restaurant Remodeling Companies Suggest You Focus on Your Needs, Not Your Wants

You may have a long list of items that you’d like to include in your restaurant remodel – a totally refurbished kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, a fountain by your outdoor seating area, an updated layout, plus all new tables and chairs.

But if you want your restaurant renovation to be profitable, you have to put away your “want” list and focus on what your restaurant really needs. Do you need to get new tables or will replacing the tablecloths create the same result at a much lower cost? Is it necessary to knock down walls to create more space or can you achieve that by simply rearranging the tables?

Don’t underestimate the power of small changes. Inexpensive upgrades like new restaurant wall coverings, lighting, table coverings, menus, etc. can make a big difference in revitalizing your restaurant.

  1. Restaurant Remodeling Companies Advise to Keep It Classy

mep restaurant remodeling companies provide ambiance restaurant wall coverings for anniversary couple with wine and a roseYou might be tempted to keep up with the latest trends when you renovate your restaurant, but those type of changes won’t serve you well in the long run. If you insist on decorating in the latest style, your restaurant will quickly become dated. In just a few years’ time, customers will be remarking that your establishment seems stuck in the past and out of style. But at the same time, ambiance matters. Most reputable restaurant remodeling companies will encourage you to keep it classy while still choosing materials that will stay in style for a long time. Perhaps there is a balance between the latest style and what will keep. But for the most part it’s best to make changes that will stand the test of time if you want your renovation to be lucrative.

  1. Restaurant Remodeling Companies Say: Listen to Your Customers

For a profitable restaurant remodel, make sure that you use your most valuable resource – your customers. This is where reputable restaurant remodeling companies stand out. Rather than force their opinions on you, they will ask about the responses you are getting from your customers.

You might have all sorts of wonderful ideas about how to update your restaurant, but none of those changes will matter if they don’t appeal to your customers. You can easily avoid making renovations that will be unpopular with your clientele by asking them in advance what alterations they’d like to see.

A great way to accomplish this is by monitoring your social media accounts. What do people say when they comment on your Facebook posts or Instagram photos? Do they wish you’d add new items to the menu? Or do they comment that the décor seems faded and you could use some new restaurant wall coverings.

mep restaurant wall coverings receive 5 star rating for restaurant remodeling companiesYou can also gather feedback from customers in a variety of other ways, including comment cards, email surveys, and suggestions boxes. Make sure that you pay particular attention to your main customer base. If you’re a family restaurant in a suburban neighborhood, that’s who you should be listening to the most. Whoever makes up your target market, those are the opinions to focus on when making decisions about your restaurant renovations.

  1. Restaurant Remodeling Companies Make a Plan (and Stick to It)

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It might sound trite, but it’s true. In order to have a successful and profitable restaurant renovation, you’ll need to make a concrete plan in advance. Winging it simply won’t do; you’ll end up with contractors who are frustrated because of ongoing changes and your budget will be blown. Be smart – make a detailed plan for renovations and see it through.

  1. Restaurant Remodeling Companies Are Professionals Worth Hiring

Undergoing a restaurant remodel can be overwhelming, especially if you have no prior experience. The good news is that you can hire restaurant remodeling companies that will take care of the work for you.

It might seem counter-intuitive that spending money on restaurant remodeling companies will lead to a higher ROI on your renovations, but it’s true. Because they have years of experience, restaurant consultants can make the renovation process run much more efficiently, making it more profitable overall.

In addition to helping your refurbishment progress smoothly, restaurant remodeling companies can also save you a considerable amount of time and effort. You won’t need to take time out of your busy schedule to locate a designer, hire contractors, price restaurant wall coverings, conduct background checks, and do all of the little things that have to be accomplished during a restaurant renovation. The restaurant remodeling companies you hire will be more than happy to take care of all the little details, freeing you up focus on other priorities.

MEP’s general contractor is an experienced restaurant remodeling company. In addition to restaurant wall coverings, floorcoverings, MEP is a total service provider. Inside work, outside work, planning, budgeting, and more comes with the highest quality work from a trustworthy company. For a free consultation reach out to MEP at 336-215-0284 or complete the Contact Us form.

Old hotel restoration front grand entrance

Hotel Restoration: 3 Tips for a Great Result

You’ve purchased an older hotel in a fantastic location, and you’re ready to transform it into your own space. Located next to a handful of attractions that your customers are keen to see, and plenty of space to accommodate your growing roster of guests, you are ready to get to work. Well, almost. Be sure that your new hotel maintains the compelling brand you’ve begun building for yourself. Then you are ready for the careful thought and consideration that goes into any successful hotel restoration.

Renovations and remodeling sessions are crucial for any lifestyle-oriented business, particularly when you’re transforming a pre-existing building. And before you can start moving furniture in and working with the pros over at Bellhops Moving North Carolina, you need to make sure that you’ve got the bones of the property ready to generate profit. Here are just 3 tips to get you started on your hotel restoration project.

1.     A Great Hotel Restoration Makes the Most of the Space Available

The only thing you can’t change about your new hotel investment, is its destination. That’s why it’s so important to select a location that’s going to appeal to your target audience. The good news is that everything else, including the size and the shape of the rooms that you offer, can be adjusted and remodeled to suit your specific needs.

Getting the most out of your hotel restoration starts with making sure that you’re using the space available to you appropriately. This means hiring someone to come out and transform your building to suit the needs of your potential customers. You may need a range of different size suites to accommodate different guests, or you might want to create as many rooms as possible on each floor.

2.     Restoration Means Fixing All Major Problemsold hotel restoration window replacement and new stucco

Large buildings like hotels and care homes can often come with a few hidden problems to deal with before you can open for business. For instance, you might find that there are areas of the roof that need to be repaired or replaced before people start moving in. You also might find a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Or any other host of problems.

The best way to maximize the profits from your hotel restoration, is to make sure that you’re creating a secure and reliable place where people can stay. A full property evaluation done carefully in advance will help to ensure that you’re not missing any major repairs. Calling in a highly reputable contractor for a pre-restoration evaluation will save you money in the long-run.

3.     The Best Hotel Restorations Get the Decoration Right

Once your team of reliable general contractors have created great space, and fixed all the problems, then comes time to create the hotel environment that’s perfect for your brand. That really must include decorating. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is stick with the existing brand image you’ve created in other hotels. After all, your existing customers will be expecting a very specific atmosphere when they approach your new hotel.

On the other hand, it’s also worth re-looking at your existing décor schemes and figuring out whether they’re making the right impression. A hotel restoration is the ideal opportunity for a rebrand, so think about updating your décor with some fresh neutral colors and comfortable furnishings.

old hotel restoration exterior brick cleaning and new windowsHotel restorations may be favorable and may be cheaper than building a new hotel, but only if you carefully consider all that is involved. MEP general contractor provides help with planning, budgeting, and direction for completely efficient and affordable hotel restoration projects. MEP serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. For a free consultation call 336-215-0284 or complete the contact us form.

MEP professional wallpaper installation contractor special order types of wall covering

What Are the Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Installation?

Have you been thinking about upgrading your interiors but don’t want to pay for professional wallpaper installation? Professional wallpaper installation may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but there are many reasons why it’s actually a good investment. Here are just a few:

  1. Professional Wallpaper Installation Will Save You Time

When you hire a professional to install new wallpaper for you, you’re paying for their experience. Because they have provided this type of service numerous times before, a professional will be able to complete the wallpapering project much faster than you or any other novice would. Professionals will also guide you in the types of wallpaper you select.

  1. Professional Installers Are More Knowledgeable

You should also consider the fact that the job may require more than just installing wallpaper. Depending on the condition of your walls and the types of wall covering you now have, you also might need to do one or more of the following:

  • remove old wallpaper
  • degloss any enamel paint
  • clean the walls
  • fill in holes
  • repair cracks
  • remove any texturing
  • prime new drywall

Do you or the crew you would hire know how to do all that? If they don’t have much experience with these tasks, it can take a lot of time to learn. And if your crew doesn’t know what they are doing the project can become a real mess in a hurry.

A professional installer will also know how to work with different types of wall covering. Whether you want vinyl coated paper, embossed wallpaper, or natural textile wallcoverings, you can count on a professional to have the know-how to get the job done right.

  1. Investing in Professional Wallpaper Installation Saves Money

Installing wallpaper correctly requires using a number of different tools – and tools cost money! You might have a few of the items you’ll need lying around, like a tape measure, step stool, and bucket. But do you have every tool necessary to get the job done right?

Don’t forget that different types of wall covering can require different tools. How much money will you need to invest to get the equipment you need? And then ask yourself if you have the skills to be able to use those tools correctly.

When you invest in professional wallpaper installation, they provide their own high-quality tools and the trade skills to use them in the most efficient way. That means you no longer have to worry about making a big expenditure on wallpapering tools you’ll rarely use.

  1. Professional Wallpaper Installation = Less Frustrationamateurs trying to save money by not using professional wallpaper installation

Let’s face it – hanging wallpaper isn’t the most enjoyable activity, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. When you’re first learning how to do something, it can take a lot of trial and error before you get things right. Making mistakes can lead to a lot of frustration. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to bypass the frustration and hire a professional? And the types of wallpaper you choose won’t matter to the professional, so even less frustration for you.

  1. You’ll Get Better Quality Work with Professional Wallpaper Installation

About those mistakes we were talking about…how would you like to have them displayed on your walls for years to come? If you do the work yourself or hire an inexperienced team, that’s what you’ll end up with – sub-par work. By hiring trained professionals to install your wallpaper, the job will be completed to very high standards. And you’ll end up with walls you can be proud of.

various types of wallcoverings carefully applied by MEP professional wallpaper installation contractors

  1. You Don’t Have to Clean Up Afterwards

The high-quality work doesn’t stop when the wallpapering is done, at least not with professional wallpaper installation. Professional wall covering contractors take great pride in their work and strive to exceed their clients’ expectations. That means when they’re finished with the job, they don’t just grab their stuff and go home; they will thoroughly clean the area, picking up and disposing of any bits of wallpaper or other trash that they find.

For the Best Results, Hire a Professional

If it’s quality you’re looking for, then professional wallpaper installation is the way to go. Doing it yourself or hiring a novice crew with little experience will only lead to lost time, lost money, and lost patience. MEP professional wall covering contractors have all the knowledge, tools, and expertise necessary to provide you with the superior results you’re after.

For professional wallpaper installation for your commercial projects contact MEP by completing the contact form or calling 336-215-0284.

MEP office renovation tips sketch of renovating office space

10 Office Renovation Tips for Small Spaces

Renovating a small office can prove to be challenging and that’s why we’re providing these 10 helpful office renovation tips. It can be hard to know what will look good when you have a limited area to work with. It’s far too easy to overwhelm the space, making it feel cluttered and cramped.

So how do you make changes when there’s not a lot of room? Here are a few office renovation tips to help you make the most of the space you have.

  1. Put Function First

When renovating office space, your first priority is designing a functional layout. Take an objective look at the space you have and decide the best way to use it. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Should workspaces to be organized by department or by activity type?
  • Will employees be able to move easily from one area to another?
  • Which would work best, individual desks, co-working stations, or a hybrid layout?
  • What type of atmosphere do you want to foster? One of collaboration, visibility, and openness or one of individuality and privacy?
  1. Choose Understated Furniture

When you’re renovating office space that’s limited in size, now is NOT the time to “go big or go home.” You might want a large comfy leather sofa in the break room or stately wooden desks, but you’ll end up with an office that’s way too crowded.

Now’s the time to start embracing your inner minimalist. Find office furniture that’s functional and comfortable, but simple. Selecting smaller models will help make the space you have feel more open and accessible.

  1. Keep the Future in Mind

When designing your layout and purchasing furniture, you should think about more than just your current needs. Try to plan for future growth by creating a floor plan that’s flexible and buying furniture that’s easy to rearrange.

  1. Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light is key to making a small space feel much bigger than it actually is. When you’re renovating office spaces that are small, consider enlarging the windows to bring in as much natural light as possible. Also make sure that you don’t unnecessarily block the windows that you have – keep them free from desks, file cabinets, etc.

  1. Focus on Light Colors

The colors you choose to decorate with can have an enormous impact on how big a space seems. You might think that a bold, bright color would enliven a small space but in reality, it will make the walls seem oppressive. It’s best to stick with whites and light neutral colors to keep the space feeling open and airy.

renovating office space includes accent color wall in dental office

  1. Include Bold Colors as Accents

You don’t have to do without color altogether. In a small space, the best way to use color is as an accent to add variety to your color palette. This will keep your office from feeling too bland and monotone.

Accents colors can be used on smaller items such as lighting fixtures, chairs, or artwork. This is also a great way to incorporate your company’s brand or other significant colors into your work space.

  1. Use the Wall

When talking about office renovation tips, it can be easy to focus solely on floor space. But there’s a whole lot of vertical space that shouldn’t be overlooked. Make the most of your wall space by adding white boards for brain storming, a projection screen for presentations, company-wide calendars, a bulletin board for announcements, etc.

  1. Get Creative with Storage

When space is limited, you can’t rely on bulky file cabinets and book cases. You need to get creative and find space where there seems to be none. Try installing floating shelves, wall caddies, and monitor risers with drawers underneath to create additional storage space.

  1. Plan for Tech

When renovating office space, you need to keep in mind the technological needs of your company. Will each work station be equipped with its own computer? If so, then you’ll probably need to have electrical floor outlets installed. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tangle of unsightly cords tripping everyone up, and you run into problems with the Fire Marshall too.

Before you start remodeling, sit down with your IT team to ask for their office renovation tips. How can your current systems be improved? Is your Wi-Fi keeping up with network load or does it need an upgrade? Do you still need a traditional land-line or will you switch to Internet-based phone services?

  1. Incorporate Plants

Renovating office space with A New Leaf plants on desk

This may seem like one of the oddest office renovation tips, but it’s also one of the most useful. Bringing in some outside greenery serves a number of purposes.

For starters, incorporating plants will make the space seem more inviting. They also help clean the air and reduce noise levels. But the biggest benefits come from the effects that plants will have on your employees.

Studies show that having plants in the work place reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The presence of plants also increases worker productivity, boosts creativity, and cuts back on absence rates.

Keep in mind that not all plants will thrive in an office environment. Consider how much light and water the plants will regularly have access to and choose accordingly. Some of the more popular office plants include peace lilies, rubber plants, succulents, fiddle-leaf figs, and Zanzibar gems.

If you’re in the Winston-Salem, NC area you should check out A New Leaf. Not only are they experts at incorporating plants into renovating office space, but they also offer maintenance services where they will take care of the plants for you. And when you have special events & celebrations they can really spruce things up for you.

Office Renovation Tips – Next Steps

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